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Lawrence Shook was born in 1733, but his birthplace is unknown. In 1758 he purchased 100 acres of a large tract of land, called "Maiden's Choice," in Frederick Co. (now Washington Co.) Maryland. After living there 16 years, he migrated to Hardy Co. Virginia (now in West Virginia) in 1773. With four of his sons who were seeking more land, he migrated again in 1801, at the age of 68, to St. Clair Co. Illinois. He died there c. 1820.

The story of Lawrence's life and family is described in Lawrence Shook.

Updated 12 July 1999.

Most of Lawrence's descendents have been traced by Earl Close, Jr. over the past 38 years, and his research has been privately published in "The Family of Cleveland Eldred Shook," 2nd. ed. 1996. Cleveland "Ted" Shook was a great- great-grandson of Lawrence, and Earl is the husband of Ted's daughter, Marjorie. The author of this webpage, John R. Shook, is a great-grandson of Ted, and Earl is my great-uncle. From Earl and my father, Robert H. Shook, I have finally caught the genealogy fever. Besides picking up some of the many threads of further research, I am contributing my computing skills to present my family's research to the genealogy community.

The GEDCOM files in Maiden's Choice include far more than just the many hundreds of descendants of Lawrence. Earl has researched both the paternal and maternal ancestors of his wife, Marjorie. The many families in Ted's ancestral tree, some traced back for 12 generations, include Hinkle, Hale, Corwin, Wright, Kip, Swartout, DuBois, DeHooges, Blanchan, and Roosevelt. Among the families (some going back 15 generations) of the ancestral tree of Marjorie's mother, Linnie Fay Rockwell, are Barnhart, Slentz, Metz, Canfield, and Treat.

Also presented in Maiden's Choice is the ancestry of my own mother, Joan Shook nee Brown. Her brother, Charles LeBrun, and a cousin, Audrey B. Personius, have discovered genealogical records tracing those families back to Puritan settlements around Boston, and from there across the ocean to their English roots. Some lines go back as many as 20 generations, and prominent names include Taylor, Row, Guy, Straw, Preston, Coffin, Greanleaf, Carminowe, Rowell, and Thorold.

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Updated 12 July 1999.

Efforts to find Lawrence's parents continue. To assist this effort, I have sought and gathered information on any and all other families with the Shook surname, and like-sounding surnames: Shock, Shuck, Schoch, Schuck, Schuh, etc., and even distant possibilities such as Van Schaik.

One possible link between Lawrence and another family, that of Herman Shook, is emphasized in Maiden's Choice. Herman had resided in Hardy Co. at least 24 years before Lawrence took up residence nearby. Herman had a sister, Catherine, and many children who migrated into Tennessee. Their genealogies are included in the GEDCOM files.
Their families are described in Herman and Catherine Shook.

Updated 4 July 1999.

Over 30 other genealogies can be examined in other families. Additions to these genealogies are very welcome!

Updated 4 July 1999.


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Suggestions on the origins of the Shook, Shock, Shuck, etc. surnames; historical overviews of European events and religious disputes causing emigration of these families; and some data on these surnames' history and distribution in the United States, is offered in historical information.


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Ruth Bemiller has contributed the descendants of George Philip Shook (1782-?) of OH.

Earl and I would like to thank the many people who have contributed to the Lawrence Shook genealogy: Kenneth C. Kaufman, Ruth Lame, Irene H. Kane, Ann Hickle Gable, Iola H. Kaiser, Matthew L. Figi, Janet Morrison, Laureen Bostedt, Marion Crews, Louis Holmes, Lynn Wright, Frederic E. Kip, Richard and Ardith Hart, Dick and Bev Kai, Jo Ann and Gerald Cox, Manley and Lil Shook, Howard and Loretta Shook, Roberta Kornock, Sharon and Tom Sevenker.


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