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Arrivals during 1736-1739

J. George Schacke (1700-?). Arrived in Philadelphia on 1 Sept 1736 on the "Harle" from Rotterdam. Came with brother Vincent (1702-?) and Margaret Christina (1708-?), who may be a sister or one of their wives. [Strassburger p. 155]

Johan Christoph Sch├Ącke (c.1715-?). Arrived in Philadelphia 10 Sept 1737 on the "Snow Molly." Johan Christoffel Schacke was born in Germany about 1715. In America he changed his name to John Christopher Shockey. [Strassburger p. 173] [Rootsweb discussion list]

Simon Schunck (1713-?). Arrived in Philadelphia 24 Sept 1737 on the "Virtuous Grace." [Strassburger p. 175]

Caspar Scheck (?-?). Arrived in Philadelphia 11 Sept 1738 on the "Robert and Alice." Casper Shuk received a land warrant for 200 acres in Lancaster Co., PA on 5 Oct 1738. [Strassburger p. 213] [Close]

Christian Shook (1691-?). Arrived in Philadelphia 27 August 1739 on the "Samuel." Came with Johan Georg Shous (1717-?) and Peter Shool. [Strassburger p. 257]

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