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Arrivals during 1752-1753

Johan Conrad Schuch (?-?). Arrived in Philadelphia on 23 Sept 1752 on the "Ann Galley." [Strassburger p. 487]

Christian Schick (?-?). Arrived on the "Beulah" in Philadelphia on 10 Sept 1753. Came with Erhardt Schick and Ludwig Schick. [Strassburger p. 513]

Peter Schuch (?-?). Arrived on the "Edinburg" in Philadelphia on 14 Sept 1753. [Strassburger p. 523]

Casper Schock (1711-?). Arrived on the "Peggy" in Philadelphia from Rotterdam on 24 Sept 1753. Came with Nicholas Schrach (1719-?) and Johann Adam Sch�ckh (1717-?). [Strassburger p. 545]

Johann Ludwig Shork (?-?). Arrived in Philadelphia on the "Two Brothers" on 28 Sept 1753. Came with Johan Friedrich Schuy and Johannes Schuy. [Strassburger p. 563-7]

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