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Jacob Schock of NY and Barren Hill, PA

Jacob Schock (1767-1850). Born 10 Aug 1767 in New York. Married Rachel Eddleman in 1789 in Philadelphia. Died 25 June 1850 and bur. St. Peter's Lutheran Church cem., Barren Hill, PA. [Eddleman/Williams Our Genealogy Website]

  1. Anna Schock (1790-1869). Married Samuel Heritage in 1820 in Germantown, PA.
  2. Jonathan Schock (1795-1883). Married Mary Ann Kerper in 1820 in Germantown, PA.
  3. Sarah Schock (1801-1825). Married Samuel Ryland in 1822 in Germantown, PA.
  4. Catharina Schock (1804-1838). Married Eli Dickey 6 Oct 1835 in Germantown, PA.
  5. Susannah Schock (1810-1884).
  6. Andrew Schock (1814-1900). Married Jeanette Baker.

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