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John Schock of Lancaster Co., PA

John Schock (c.1710-?). Born in Germany. Settled in 1734 near Creswell, in Manor Township, Lancaster Co. PA. His lands were part of what were called "Turkey Hill." Eight children. [Lancaster Co., pp. 626-7]

  1. John Schock (?-?)
  2. Jacob Schock (?-?)
  3. Henry Schock (?-?)
  4. Abraham Schock (c.1740-1820). Born and lived in Manor Twp. until 1785, moving to East Donegal Twp, Lancaster Co. Married 1st Anna Grove, four children: Jacob, Henry, Abraham, Anna. 2nd marriage to Anna Treichler, two children: John and Fanny (both died young).
    1. Jacob Schock (?-?)
    2. Henry Schock (1793-1836). Lived in East Donegal Twp. Married Anna Greider (1800-1841). Seven children.
      1. Abraham Schock (?-?)
      2. Henry Schock (?-?)
      3. John Schock (1825-?). Married Mary Ann Patterson on 10 Feb 1852.
        1. Percy P. Schock (?-?). Married Sue B. Lindemath. Four children: Marguerite, John P., Lewis L., Mary.
        2. Harry C. Schock (?-?). Married Fredrica C. Frank. Four children: Mary B., P. Frank, Caroline F., Arthur P.
        3. Clarence Schock (?-?)
        4. John L. Schock (?-1885)
      4. Jacob Schock (?-?)
      5. Anna Schock (?-?). Married Sylvester Crout.
      6. Martha Schock (?-?). Married B. F. Hiestand.
      7. Mary Schock (?-?). Died young.
    3. Abraham Schock (?-?)
    4. Anna Schock (?-?). Married Thomas Bradley.

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