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Schuchs of New York

Johann Wilhelm Schuch (c.1680-bef.1718) Living in Livingston Manor 4 Oct 1710 with wife and daughter. Related to Johannes Schuch (c.1667-1747), below. Married Anne Gertraud, who was a widow by 1718. [H. Jones]

  1. Anna Eva Schuch (c.1705-?) Married Johann Wilhelm Jacobi.
    1. Wilhelm Jacobi
    2. Gertraud Jacobi


Johannes Schuch (c.1667-1747). Born in Germany in the Flammersfield/Oberhattert/Hachenberg area. Relatives recorded there include Peter Schuch, Christian Schuch and Johann Henrich Schu. Married Anna Eva Betzer/Bitzer (c.1665-1755) and lived in/near Oberhatert, Germany c.1700-1708. Anna's parents were Peter Bitzer (s/o Daniel Bitzer) and Anna Elizabeth Zimmerman. Came to Livingston Manor (Germantown) NY in 1710 as part of the 6th group of Palantines from Rotterdam. This group included the families of Hermann Bitzer (Anna's brother), Jacob Dings, J. Diderig Schniter, Kristian Meyer, J. Peter Timmerman, and Johan Klein from the Hachenberg area, and Johannes Blass. These families continued to have close relations in America. Johannes is recorded living in Livingston Manor in 1710, still lived there in 1724, and he died there on 4 Jan 1747. [Shuck X01] [Jones 1] [Close] [Bathrick website]

  1. Anna Eva Schuch (?) marr. Adam Dings
  2. Martinus Schuch (1700-bef.1786). Born in Hachenburg, Germany. Naturalized 17 Jan 1715. Married Anna Elizabeth Dings. Died before 12 Sept 1786 in Livingston Manor, Columbia Co., NY.
    1. Johannes Schuch (1722-). Christened 17 June 1722 in Kingston Reformed Church, Ulster Co., NY. Joined the Germantown Reformed Church 1740. Married Catharina Heiseroth in 1750 at Germantown Ref. Church.
    2. Anna Gertraud Schuch (1726-). Christened 11 Aug 1726, Kamp, NY. Married 1st Johannes Donges/Dings. 2nd Martin Mueller. Joined the Germantown Reformed Church in 1743.
    3. Eva Gertraut Schuch (?-?). Joined the Germantown Reformed Church in 1746.
    4. Gerhardt or Gertraud Schuch (1733-?)
    5. Wilhelm Schuch (1736-?). Baptized 6 May 1736, Katsbaan, Ulster Co., NY. Married 1st Hilletje Deickmann on 6 Feb 1770 in Lithlingo Reformed Church, Columbia Co., NY. 2nd marr. Rosina Stiever.
      1. Gertraud or Gerhardt Schuch (1741-?)
  3. Johann Christianus Schuch (1702-?). Christened 31 Dec 1702, Hachenburg, Germany.
  4. Johann Petrus Schuch (1705-?). Christened 18 Nov 1705, Hachenburg, Germany.
  5. Anna Gertrudt Schuch (c.1707-?). Married Wilhelm Holtzapfel on 6 Dec 1726 at Linlithgo Reformed Church.


Johann Anthonius Schuch (c.1715-?). Johann paid four florins to emigrate from Flammersfeld, Germany, in 1737. In New York, he is first recorded as a baptism sponsor in Lithlingo Reformed Church in 1739. Settler in Ulster Co., NY He married Anna Maria Klein upon arriving in New York. Anna Maria was the daughter of Hieronymus Klein, who was also from Flammersfeld and had emigrated to Livingston Manor in 1709. [Jones 2]

  1. Catharina Schuch (c.1738-?). Married Johannes Planck in 1755 at Loonenburg Lutheran Church.
  2. Hieronymus Schuch (1739-?). Married Cornelia Huyck in 1770 at Germantown Reformed Church.
  3. Anna Margaretha Schuch (1742-?). Married Johann Georg Planck in 1760 at Katsbaan Reformed Church.
  4. Augustinus Schuch (1745-?)


Henrich Schuch (c.1735-?). Married Anna Becker c.1757. Anna was a Lutheran, daughter of Johann Christian Becker (1714-1780) and Anna Emmerich. [Jones 1]


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