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Ulrich Shugh of Lancaster Co., PA

Ulrich Shugh (1685-?). Arrived in Philadelphia on 27 Aug 1733 on the "Elizabeth." Came with wife Ann Eliza (1685- ?), his son John Jacob Shugh (1713-?), and his daughters Ever Eliza (1716-?), and Anna Eliza (1720-?). An Ulrich Schuk/Schuh is recorded as a member of the Ephrata Cloister of the German Baptist Brethren in Lancaster Co. He died before 1758, and his wife died in 1739. Their daughter was a member of the celibate Sisterhood, but only her cloister name is recorded: "Persida." She died in 1761 at the age of 41, suggesting that Persida was Ulrich's daughter Anna Eliza. [Strassburger p. 765-7] [Sachse]


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