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Van Schaiks of New York

Adriaen "Aert" Van Schaick (?-?) Lived in the Netherlands. [WFT v.2 #139]

  1. Cornelis Aertsen Van Schaick (c.1600-?) Born in Westbroek, Holland. Married Belitje Arabella Hendrickse. Died in New Amsterdam (New York City).
    1. Arie Cornelisen Van Schaick (1642-1699) Born 9 July 1642 in NYC. Married Rebecca Idens in 1661 in Brooklyn, NY. Died Dec 1699 in NYC.
      1. Iden (Scoy) Van Schaick (1665-?) Born in 28 Oct 1665 in NYC. Married Isabel Bloetgoet in Flushing, NY on 26 Aug 1685.
        1. Francis Sedan Van Schaick (1689-?) Born 7 July 1689 in Brooklyn, NY. Married Isabel Rhea. Died in Monmouth Co., NJ.
          1. Peter Van Schoick (c1730-1810) Born in Monmouth Co., NJ. Married Mary Thomas.
            1. Lysbeth Van Schaick (c.1670-?) Married Gerrit Onkelbag of NYC. [WFT v.2 #1839]


Niclaas Van Schaayk (1635-1699) Abt. 1665 he married Jannetje Cornelis (1642-1728), who died in Kinderhook, NY. [WFT v.1 #2210] [Close]

  1. Dominicus Van Schaick (1667-?) Married Rebecca Groesbeek in 1698.
  2. Cornelia Van Schaick (c1670-?)
  3. Arend Van Schaick (1674-?) Married Maria Van Loon.
    1. Jan Van Schaick (1699-?)
  4. Laurens Van Schaick (1675-?) Married Jannetje Van Ness in Albany in 1699. She was the daughter of Gerrit Cornelisse Van Ness and Marietje Loockermans. Freeholder in Livingston Manor, NY in 1720. [GenWeb] [Close] [WFT v.2 #3494]
  5. Emanuel Van Schaick (c1677-?)
  6. Jannetje Van Schaick (c1679-?)
  7. Elias Van Schaick (c1681-?) Freeholder in Livingston Manor, NY in 1720. [Close]


Laurens Classe Van Schaick (c.1656-?) Married Jannetje Van Alen (c.1656-?) who was born in Albany Co., NY. [Close]

Laurens Van Schaick (c.1680-?) Married Jannetje Oothoodt on 19 Dec 1699 in Albany Co., NY. Jannetje was the daughter of Jan Janse Oothoudt and Henrickje Van Ness. Henrickje and Gerrit (above) were siblings, children of Cornelis Hendricksen Van Ness. [Close] [WFT v.1 #5490]


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